Touch Healing

Therapeutic Touch

Therapeutic Touch is one of the leading forms of bodywork in the world. Practitioners rub the human body to feel for muscle knots, energy blockages, stiffness, rigidity, and for a sense of the individual’s overall health. Therapeutic Touch relieves many symptoms and conditions; it can improve a person’s quality of life. Therapeutic Touch can involve stroking, kneading, and pressing of the soft tissues of the body to induce a state of total relaxation.


In Japanese, shiatsu means “finger pressure” and balancing the energy flow through the meridians of the body is the goal of this form of bodywork. Using finger pressure with stretching opens the meridians to create a sense of balance and peace. These points are called acupressure points, and they are believed to be important for the flow of the body’s vital energy, called chi. Shiatsu can help relieve blockages at these acupressure points.


I use the art of applying pressure with my hands, thumbs, and fingers to reflex points on the feet, hands and ears. These points contain over 7000 nerve endings that mirror different parts of the body. This practice is an effective tool in promoting good circulation, relieving stress, improving relaxation and bringing balance and harmony to the body, mind and spirit. Most importantly, reflexology enhances function of the lymphatic system and restores proper chemical balance in the body.


I join this technique with the above treatments to aid my clients in balancing their energy flow, by holding sacred space to make sure shifts or changes toward balance are readily achieved in their bodies. I give special attention to chakras and joints; this technique leaves my clients feeling at peace and at home with their bodies and experiencing less pain, increasing mobility and range of motion.

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