Services and Rates

Animal Work

Animal communication is the process by which impressions, thoughts, images and feelings can be transmitted and received between beings of different species, via mental telepathy. I can connect with your deceased or lost animals.

Animal Work Sessions

Energy Work

After creating sacred space for you, I will blend ancient, traditional, and modern energy healing techniques to release imbalances, tension, and blocks from your body, mind, and spirit. This session is only available in person.  

Energy Work Sessions

Candle work

I use a combination of sacred tools, my divine psychic ability, scripture and other special prayers to empower the candle burning ritual. Candle burning does work, for lots of different situations when done right!

Candle Work Sessions

Prayer Work

By tapping into divine grace I am able to directly intercede on an individual's behalf to relieve them of their mental, physical, and spiritual burdens. Distant prayer healing is awesome because it can take place anytime, anywhere.

Prayer Work Sessions

Past Life Work

Discovering past lives may be the key that opens the door to the source of phobias, or personality traits that are hindering you. Knowing the basis of your sacred contracts can empower you to build strong boundaries for protection.

Past Life Readings

Soul by Phone™

I provide animal work, distant prayer healing and past life readings via telephone. I offer Soul by Phone™ sessions on Tuesday and Thursday between 11 AM and 7 PM (CST). You may book me via my Contact Form or by calling my booking line at 210/816-1141.

Soul By Phone™