Prayer Work

About Distant Prayer

Many people today are looking for healing of bodily, emotional or spiritual ailments, all of which can be a burden, to carry alone. My work begins by getting the distant person in their body to support them in releasing built up psychic debris. I can tune into a person’s energy field and set my intention for someone from far away, removing a person’s blocks and unwanted energies from their system. I support people in getting their spiritual energy flowing, so they can heal and live, peaceful lives.

Tapping into the Divine

Distant healing prayer can help you; if you are ill, bedridden, or would rather not leave your home for any reason…distant healing can support the healing process–without you having to leave the comfort of your own home. If you live far away and transport is an obstacle for some reason…distant healing provides an alternative way to support healing–beyond the limits of location. I can also intercede on your loved ones’ behalf and support their healing process, even from a distance.

Benefits of Distant Prayer

  • No need to travel or leave one’s home.
  • Healing can take place anytime, anywhere.
  • Ideal for people who cannot tolerate touch.
  • Offers a strong element of privacy.
  • Restores depleted energy levels.
  • Brings balance and vital energy to the body.
  • Effective in treating inexplicable illnesses/imbalances.

supporting the healing process

As a traditional Mexican sacred healer or “curandera” I am trained, in advanced techniques of distant prayer and not limited by time or space. I work with my angels and saints and that of the seeker to create healing miracles. I am always mindful in explaining to my clients that any issue or problem may have taken years to develop and therefore, is unlikely to be cured in one session. Typically, a series of 3 intercessions or more, provides more benefit in supporting and easing the whole spiritual wellness and healing process. Browse Services and Rates.