Animal Work

About Animal Work

The death or disappearance of an animal companion means the loss of a non-judgmental source of pure love. There is no longer anything for the pet owner to nurture and care for. These feelings can be especially intense for the elderly, single people and childless couples. It is my belief that the connections we share with our animal companions cannot be severed by death. Animal communication is the process by which impressions, thoughts, images and feelings can be transmitted and received between beings of different species, via mental telepathy.

Foster an Animal for Free

Getting over the loss of your beloved animal companion can be very difficult and I always recommend that my clients consider becoming a foster fur parent. Despite the devastation you are feeling be mindful of the many dogs and cats that are homeless worldwide. Senior dogs in particular are in desperate need of a safe home, food, fresh water and a warm bed to lay there head on. Fostering an animal companion doesn’t cost you a thing; all expenses including food and medical expenses are covered by rescue groups. Please help save lives by contacting your local animal rescue groups and SPCA and get on the foster home list today.

Benefits of Animal Work

  • Understand your animal’s feelings.
  • Discover reasons for behavioral problems.
  • Create security for rescued animals.
  • Prepare your animal for upcoming changes like a move, a new baby, you going on vacation.
  • Prepare a pet for a medical procedure.
  • Prepare both human and animal for the death and transition process.
  • Connect with your deceased animal companions.
  • Locate a lost, missing or stolen animal.

Achieving peaceful and loving closure

Our animals become family members and when their time here in the physical form has come to an end and they have passed in death, the emotional pain can be unbearable. When a beloved animal crosses over the rainbow bridge it will often prompt people to explore what is beyond the veil of death and to seek answers from those who seem to be more in tune with such matters. I’m here to help you with all aspects of the grieving process so that you can achieve peaceful and loving closure. Browse Services and Rates.