Animal Work

Q:  What happens when an animal passes away?

A:  Their soul separates from their physical body and makes its transition to the Other Side where they are met by loved ones and other animals that they knew while they were alive.

Q:  Do animals have a concept of time?

A:  Yes. In fact, whenever you are leaving the house, tell your pets where you are going and when you will be back. If you think about it, we communicate this same type of information out of courtesy to the humans in our lives.

Q:  Can you talk to animals after they are deceased?

A:  Yes, although it can be more difficult depending on the stage of regeneration they are in. This process can take days, weeks, months or longer based on our concept of time.

Q:  Do animals have souls?

A:  Yes, absolutely. They are sentient beings just like we are.

Q:  Can you communicate with lost animals and locate them?

A:  Yes. However, it is imperative that contact with an animal that has wandered off be made as soon as possible in order to locate them. The longer they are away, the harder it is to locate them. This is due in part to their own survival instincts. As days pass, they start to become more concerned about food and shelter if they are lost. In addition, if they have become injured, they go into what is called a protective state to allow the body to heal. I use a combination of map dowsing and animal communication to locate lost animals.


Energy Work

Q:  What should I do after entering the treatment room?

A:  Remove items such as watches, rings and necklaces, etc. Remove your shoes, eyeglasses, and anything else that might put pressure on your body. Wear loose clothing. During the treatment you remain fully clothed; relax and lay on your tummy on the treatment table and get comfortable.

Q:  What will the treatment feel like?

A:  Most people experience calm peacefulness during the treatment as well as sensations of:

  1. warmth
  2. energy flow
  3. fluttering and butterflies
  4. tiredness
  5. heaviness
  6. floating
  7. mild discomfort

Q:  What do I do following the treatment?

A:  For 24-hours following a treatment:

  1. do not physically exert yourself
  2. rest as much as possible
  3. hydrate, drink lots of water
  4. wait for several hours before bathing

Inform me immediately if you feel any pain during or after the treatment itself.  

Candle Work

Q:  Can candle work help support my son/daughter’s addiction recovery?

A:  Yes it certainly can addiction is a form of negative energy that has gone in the wrong direction. Candles are magical and each one has it’s own particular force field that is unequaled in conducting and redirecting energy that has gone astray.

Q:  Can candle work help return my home to the peaceful, happy place it once was?

A:  Absolutely I have helped restore the balance in many homes.

Q:  Do you ever require the client to help with the candle work process?

A: Yes, when working long distance, I will often ask the client to read a certain passage of scripture daily, perhaps before bed, upon awakening, or at some other set time.

Q:  How do you work with clients you do not get to meet in person?

A:  It doesn’t matter if the client’s challenge is presented to me in person or by phone. Each candle burning session includes a 30-minute consultation by phone or in person so that we can determine what you would like to accomplish. Almost 90% of the candle work I do is ordered via telephone.

Distant Prayer Work

Q:  What kind of conditions can be treated by distant prayer healing?

A:  I come from a spiritual rather than a medical perspective and rarely use medical terminology to describe a particular condition or disease state. Consequently, I do not claim to heal specific medical conditions; I enhance the healing process.

Q:  What is, distant healing prayer work?

A:  The term “distant” means there may be a physical separation of a few feet to thousands of miles between the healer and the recipient of the healing activity.

Q:  What should I do when I am about to receive a remote or distance healing session?

A:  Lie down or sit down comfortably, relax and close your eyes. Listening to sacred or classical music during the process is helpful. Do not talk to others during your session as it may interfere with the reception of energy. Many people prefer to have the remote healing session while sleeping.

Q:  How many treatments are usually required?

A:  The number of treatments varies depending on the individual’s challenges.

Past Life Work

Q: How can I tell if my past lives are affecting me in my present incarnation?

A:  If you have tried both traditional and alternative medicine to address a present condition, then look to past lives for causes. If the problem does lie in the past, it can be remarkably resistant to present life cures. Here are some of the most common signs of past life challenges:

  1. inexplicable pain
  2. inappropriate fears
  3. uncontrollable habits
  4. strange memories
  5.  odd thoughts
  6. recurring nightmares

Q:  Why is it that most people do not remember their past lives?

A:  When our soul enters a new body, it drinks from the river of forgetfulness to make it easier for us to live our life now. If we knew the precise relationship that we have had with everyone we love, feel friendship for, work with, or meet even casually, we would live in a state of information overload.

Q:  Do we continue to reincarnate with the same group of people?

Yes. Before we begin our present life, we agree to come into certain relationships with others. These relationships are designed to help us resolve our problems with these people while at the same time helping us to work through our own issues.

Soul by Phone™

Q:  Why do you offer Soul by Phone™ Sessions? 

A: I offer Soul by Phone™ Sessions for those that cannot see me in person.

Q: What if I can’t come to you for a soul retrieval or other healing work?

A: Animal communication, candle work, past life readings and distant prayer work can be done equally well, whether in person or by long distance.

Q. I have tried meditation but find it difficult to do without guidance can you help me with this over the phone?

A: Yes

Q. Can you tell me via a telephone session what thoughts are hindering me from receiving healing and optimal health?

A: Yes

Q. Can you recommend affirmations for me to improve my health by telephone?

A: Yes